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Web Development

We build custom sites to your exact specifications from scratch or using platforms like Drupal, Laravel, WordPress, .Net and others.

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Big Data

We apply DB systems like DynamoDB single or distributed and techs such as Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, and ElasticSearch, to implement Data-Intensive Applications, Data transformation, and analytics to perform predictions of outcomes and behaviors. Ask an Expert.

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Custom Product Development

Our experts in the fields of UI Development (Angular, React, React Native, VUE), back-end (Java, Python, .Net, Node) can build your product specifications in an effective and efficient manner.

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QA Service

We test every line of code and guarantee the entire application meets your expectation. Apart from providing quality services, we also have an entire team dedicated to automating tests.

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Managed Hosting / AWS

Blue Ocean hosts more than 5000 active websites, reducing our customer’s total cost of ownership while implementing best practices in cybersecurity, site scalability, and performance.

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Our block-chain team has experience with Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Frameworks like Hyperledge Fabric and Hyperledge Composer, as well as Multichain. We can also create smart contracts and even build a DAPP or a platform linked to blockchain. Ask an Expert

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AI & Alexa Skills

Our machine learning, natural language processing, big data experts are building Alexa skills, and custom AI solutions for our clients.

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