Visit Havana & Meet the Team

Behind the classic cars and colorful buildings of old Cuba, there’s a quiet transformation happening in Cuban culture and business—one you can experience firsthand.

Experience Havana and meet the team.

Come learn what happens when technology, culture and business come together on this authentic Cuban immersion.

Get to know their talent and see how Cuban ingenuity paired with American know-how can bring fresh ideas and solutions to your own business.


What will you experience on your Cuba trip?

See Havana as the locals do, strolling down its cobbled streets, through lively public squares and past majestic fortresses and buildings in Art Deco and Baroque styles. Led by local artists, architects, and our Cuban friends, the entire trip is a safe and enjoyable look at Cuba’s past and progress.

Enjoy live music, dine at Cuba’s favorite restaurants and interact with Havana locals who are eager to show you the best their city has to offer.

What will you experience on your Cuba trip?
Old Havana Tour

Havana is a city that sometimes seemed untouched by history, and yet what a rich and fascinating history it has. Our Old Havana, a city that has been influenced by many sources over the course of no less than five centuries, while retaining its own undeniable uniqueness.

Lunch at Doña Eutimia

At the heart of Havana, in the Callejon del Chorro, near the Cathedral, the Doña Eutimia palate mixes the modern and familiar. The restaurant’s name is a tribute to Eutimia, a lady who lived across the square and who used to cook for the artists in the Taller Experimental de Grafica artists such as Fabelo, Choco, Nelson Domínguez among others. Those big Cuban artists remember her with much love due to the flavors of her kitchen and the affection with which she always treted them. That’s the guideline of our work: to develop a Cuban, homemade, simple and loving food.

Early dinner at San Cristobal or 5 Sentidos

Nestled in a pretty little corner of San Juan de Dios and Compostela, 5 Sentidos boasts a classy style with large windows and all white décor. As a result of that, the restaurant is an airy space with a pleasant atmosphere, exceptionally ideal for a quick bite in the summer.

Paladar San Cristóbal has a familiar, mystical atmosphere and is a place full of memories, where they want people to feel unique and at home. Through a good dinner, they want to show the past and pay tribute to Cuban culture and roots.

Champagne or Cocktails at rooftop Kempinski, enjoy sunset

Perched on the roof of the incredible Gran Manzana Kempinski, Cuba’s first truly 5* hotel, this bar is as luxurious as the hotel it belongs to. In short, El Surtidor does not disappoint. Situated by some of the most famous locations in Havana, such as Floridita and Calle Obispo and a stone’s throw from Parque Central, the views are to die for. Everything about this bar has a certain chicness that is not often found in Havana, with emphasis on ease and comfort for the visitors. Enjoy the view as you sip one of the signature cocktails, all of which are made to taste (such as the mango piña colada), or sample one of the top-quality cigars.

Old Cars to Marea, Cocktails and Appetizers

Marea is the only restaurant in Havana with its own private beach. Located in the backyard of one of its owners’ houses in Sante Fe, it sits just above the canals of the Marina Hemingway. A fishing area, you cannot go wrong with the seafood dishes at Marea which are extremely fresh and well prepared. Food aside, the venue is a destination with spectacular views, great cocktails and a beach area suitable for both kids and adults with shallows of soft sand and a trampoline from which to launch into the deep blue. Elsewhere the décor is summery with a touch of the Mediterranean in the white and blue colour palette and red-tiled roofs.

La Guarida, Guess: PATRICK OPPMANN (CNN Reporter)

La Guarida, the famous Havana paladar is situated at Concordia street 418 in Central Havana.

The entrance through an old gateway in a crumbling mansion lead to a monumental stairway. The restaurant is located at the third floor.

Dinner at Tierra, inside Fábrica de Arte

Tierra restaurant, is the final step in making Fabrica de Arte (FAC) a true contender for the most interesting and exciting visitor locations in Havana. FAC is truly an inspired place full of art, music, bars, cafes and the most interesting people in Havana. Now that they have a five start restaurant inside they have it all. The food is eclectic and very good. The mojitos are the best in the city. You exit from that relatively warm and cozy cocoon to the pulsating beat of FAC to see the art and listen to your favorite band.

Spend night at Fabrica de Arte (VIP)

Built over a former oil factory from the early 20th century, the “Fabrica de Arte Cubano” or Cuban Art Factory (also known as FAC for its Spanish abbreviation) is the place everybody wants to go to at night in Havana. Every weekend, contemporary art exhibitions, dance performances, theatre plays, audiovisual presentations and Indie music concerts come together inside this place.

Hemingway’s house “Finca Vigía”

Hemingway’s beautiful Finca outside of Havana is a experience you must see. The beautiful grounds and the homes lovely setting high above with great views of valley below. The pool where he relaxed and the rooms he wrote in are the same as he left it years ago. Hemingway’s famous boat the Pilar is here as well, echos of Islands in the Stream.