Visit Havana & Meet the Team

Behind the classic cars and colorful buildings of old Cuba, there’s a quiet transformation happening in Cuban culture and business—one you can experience firsthand.

Experience Havana and meet the team.

Come learn what happens when technology, culture and business come together on this authentic Cuban immersion.

Get to know their talent and see how Cuban ingenuity paired with American know-how can bring fresh ideas and solutions to your own business.


What will you experience on your Cuba trip?

See Havana as the locals do, strolling down its cobbled streets, through lively public squares and past majestic fortresses and buildings in Art Deco and Baroque styles. Led by local artists, architects, and our Cuban friends, the entire trip is a safe and enjoyable look at Cuba’s past and progress.

Enjoy live music, dine at Cuba’s favorite restaurants and interact with Havana locals who are eager to show you the best their city has to offer.

What will you experience on your Cuba trip?
Dinner at Atelier Restaurant

Atelier is run by Niuris Higueras who has a passion for creating food. A good-looking restaurant in Vedado and with consistently quality food that nowadays is difficult to get in without a reservation. It is set in an old house located in Calle 5 and decorated by original art, and with table settings that highlight antique china and glassware. The food is good, the Middle East-inspired appetizer, totally vegetarian and made with chickpeas, served with a yogurt dressing.

Fast lunch at MEKEDE

Depending of time at the airport

Dinner at MICHIFU

A very new Bar-Restaurant in Havana, the owner is Ernesto Jiménez, one and of the most famous actors in Havana, he and his wife were the owners of CIA’CARA restaurant.
We propose to spend night there after dinner, they have alive music and lot of artist arrive to enjoy cocktails and music there.

Old Havana Tour

Old Havana, founded in 1519 by the Spanish crown, invites guests to discover a complex mosaic of colors and rhythms, an interesting mix of baroque, neo-classical and renaissance architecture.
You tour will be around the most important Colonial squares; the Cathedral square, the Arms square (or the Captain General square), the San Francisco de Asís square, and finally, the Old square (which first name was New square). While walking, you’ll find many other attractions, including the incredible fortress that used to defend Havana from the pirates attacks during Colonial years.


Art, Cuban design, run, photo, Cuban coffee, etc.

Lunch at Doña Eutimia

This restaurant is in the heart of Old Havana, very close to the Cathedral Square. There used to be a blacksmith workshop here by the late artist Héctor Martínez Calá. Reopened since 2012, its eclectic decoration, like Havana itself, the lighting and the color of the walls, make the clients stay in a warm and welcoming environment, just as they would feel in their own home. It is a matter of merging art with cooking, through its design tableware and menus made by artists. Its name is dedicated to Eutimia, a lady who lived on the other side of the Square, she used to cook for the artists of the Graphic Experimental Workshop who remember her with a lot of love.

Early dinner at San Cristobal or 5 Sentidos

Nestled in a pretty little corner of San Juan de Dios and Compostela, 5 Sentidos boasts a classy style with large windows and all white décor. As a result of that, the restaurant is an airy space with a pleasant atmosphere, exceptionally ideal for a quick bite in the summer.

Paladar San Cristóbal has a familiar, mystical atmosphere and is a place full of memories, where they want people to feel unique and at home. Through a good dinner, they want to show the past and pay tribute to Cuban culture and roots.

Champagne or Cocktails at rooftop Kempinski, enjoy sunset

Perched on the roof of the incredible Gran Manzana Kempinski, Cuba’s first truly 5* hotel, this bar is as luxurious as the hotel it belongs to. In short, El Surtidor does not disappoint. Situated by some of the most famous locations in Havana, such as Floridita and Calle Obispo and a stone’s throw from Parque Central, the views are to die for. Everything about this bar has a certain chicness that is not often found in Havana, with emphasis on ease and comfort for the visitors. Enjoy the view as you sip one of the signature cocktails, all of which are made to taste (such as the mango piña colada), or sample one of the top-quality cigars.