Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are?

Blue Ocean technology, LLC provides world class software development and staffing solutions. We are reinventing software development so it is simple, transparent and frictionless, by compiling US best practices with exceptional Cuban talent.

Why Cuba?

Exceptional education system. All of our team members are full time and mostly masters degree or phd tracks at University.

Do you have commercial experience?

Do you have commercial experience? Almost all Cuban Universities have commercial clients (European or South American governments and multi-nationals) to help fund themselves.

Is there Much talent?

Cuba graduates more than 35 000 professionals a year. Knowledge is their best export. You can contact this if you meet some workers from farmers to fishermen, doctors, engineers, teachers, software developers and many more.

What are the rates like?

Competitive with offshoring to India but much more accessible and efficient AND a much better flight from NYC!